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hey guys!!

so i haven't really made an updated commission post in quite a while, but it's about that time again where i need some Hot Spicy Points and since my art has improved a LOT i think it's time to make one of these! i'll try to keep my prices cheap because let's face it we don't all have a lot of points haha, but if you're interested and just don't have the points, shoot me a message and i'm more than happy to work something out!

first of all are bouncy pixels like the ones below:

they're really fun for me and really cheap for you! up to 3 frames is just 150 points

next are chibi stickers with examples below:

these are a bit outdated; my anatomy has gotten better since these! still, they're only 200 points!

flat colors like the two below take a bit more time:

(warning on the second one for gore)

but they only cost 300 points!!

finally, there are more intricate pieces--such as this one-- with shading, lineless and generally a much larger time commitment than any other type of drawing.

however, i only charge 400 points for complex pieces like this!

and that's all!

- i am willing to try any character! anthro, human, humanoid, dragon, species like kiamaras and JBDs, mecha, other animals-- nothing is off the board for me!
- on a similar note i am willing to do gore and nsfw art-- though it may be a tad extra depending on complexity
- i will gladly do more than one character in a piece, however these are priced per-character-- so say two characters within an animated pixel would be 300 points! (though i'm a big softie, so if you asked nicely i'd probably drop it a bit haha...)
- some of these examples are a bit outdated, and while i'm trying to update as often as i can, i don't always have access to my tablet! if you want to order but you're not quite sure i can do what you want, ask-- i've probably got a traditional example stashed somewhere!
- backgrounds are free as long as they aren't too complex!

i would LOVE it if you all could spread the word; i'm not too big on dA, i know, and i want more people to know where they can find art of decent quality for pretty cheap! many thanks (and llamas) to anyone who, say, makes a journal about this!
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ShadowyBird Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017  Student General Artist
I'd order if I had any points as well haha xD
I really need to get my credit card set up to put all my saved money on it...
(I'm also ShadowBird12 on CS)
TheOneAndOnlyVapor Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
aaaaa well im open for USD as well! i just havent done price translations quite yet xD i need to update this again

but thank you so much for the interest! (and welcome to the club!)
Capiched Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
good luck getting commissions! i'd order if i had any points, rip
TheOneAndOnlyVapor Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
lol thanks friend!! no worries though, i got just enough for what i needed <3
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March 14, 2017


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